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Global Land Programme (GLP), a global research network of Future Earth, is an interdisciplinary community of science and practice fostering the study of land systems and the co-design of solutions for global sustainability. The Programme convened GLP Fellows, Scientific Steering Committee members, and early career researchers, land systems scientists from around the globe, to synthesize the knowledge from this field of study to inform the development of effective and sustainable solutions to our world’s greatest land use challenges. The 10 Facts on Land Systems for Sustainability offers ideas and inspiration for how to craft land use policy that will lead to more just and sustainable outcomes for people and our planet.

We gratefully acknowledge support from Future Earth and University of Bern, Centre for Development and Environment, Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT), and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. Produced by Global Land Programme, International Programme Office.

For more information or to become a member, contact: 10FACTS@GLP.EARTH

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